Motorway Driving Course

Improve Your Motorway Driving Skills

Whether you've just passed your driving test or have held a full driving licence for some time, you may benefit from some additional training for driving on motorways. Refresh your skills and increase your confidence with some motorway lessons.

New Regulations

As from August 2013 new police powers came into force allowing the police to issue fixed penalty notices for Careless Driving (eg tailgating, poor lane discipline, etc). Also, fines for existing offences increased to £100 (eg using a mobile phone, speeding, not wearing seatbelts). I am able to explain what these new motorway (and non-motorway) regulations are and how they affect you.

What Do Points Mean?

Most of these offences will also get you 3 points on your licence - depending how long you've held your licence and how many points you already have this could result in a driving ban or revocation of your licence meaning you would have to retake your theory and practical driving tests again. How would a driving ban affect your work and lifestyle? Extra motorway training can help you keep up to date with new laws and protect your driving licence.

Feeling Pressured?

Perhaps you are familiar with the rules but unsure how to deal with other people who don't. Have you ever been followed too closely by a tailgater and felt pressured to drive faster than you're comfortable with? Do you feel confident joining the motorway or changing lanes? Have you ever been in the wrong lane and missed an exit or intersection and had to make a detour to get to your destination? Motorway lessons can help you to deal with all of these scenarios confidently and safely

How it Works

You can book a minimum of two hours of in-car lessons and get valuable instructor guidance and feedback. You can book more motorway lessons if you need to.

Benefits of Motorway Lessons

  • Gain new skills and techniques to make you a safer motorway driver
  • Become more familiar with motorway driving
  • Increase your confidence in driving on motorways
  • Safeguard your driving licence

Book Your 2 Hour Motorway Lesson

To book your motorway lesson please contact me. Your two hour lesson costs just £80.00 - I will contact you as soon as I'm available to discuss your requirements and book your lesson. If you have any questions please contact me.