Offical Learning to Drive Syllabus

What you need to be able to do, know and understand

DVSA Learning to Drive Syllabus

This is essential reading for everyone learning to drive. The DVSA have published national standards for driving (and riding) together with a syllabus for people learning to drive. While it is not a 'tick list' of skills to master, it outlines the skills, knowledge and understanding required to become a safe and responsible driver. Different people will take different routes through the syllabus and it is important that learning to drive is approached in a 'joined-up' way. Download the Learning to Drive Syllabus here.

Do I need to learn all that?

If you've had a look at the above mentioned syllabus, you might well ask that question! It might look a bit overwhelming. The good news is that once you've mastered the basic car control skills (which soon become automatic actions) there are only really three things left to master:

  • Driving forwards and dealing with hazards safely
  • Driving really slowly (occasionally backwards)
  • Stopping really quickly without panicking

By treating the various subjects in this joined-up way people realise there's actually not that much to remember. I'll help you to understand the risks of driving and how to apply a safe, systematic routine to hazards which will prepare you to deal with whatever comes up on your lessons, during your test and most importantly after you've passed.