Driving Lessons in Edinburgh

Pass Your Driving Test in Edinburgh

Look at these two calls received from clients just like you who decided to try other, cheaper Driving Schools;

This is from a learner who called and said:

“I've just had my 6th lesson with xxxxx driving school and I am totally fed up. My instructor drives away from my home and we just go to the same place each time and just do left turns - round and round the same block.

Can I join your driving school please? I though all instructors were the same but...”

Or how about this email from a new customer:

“Hi I'm having driving lessons with a local driving instructor. He is really beginning to do my head in - basically, he just seems to put me down all the time; when I do something wrong he shouts at me.

I just wondered if I started lessons with you would I have to start all over again? I've had about 18 lessons with him but have heard your a really good driving instructor and would like to learn to drive with you. Can we pick up from where I have got to so I don't waste all the money I've spent so far?

I'm really interested - could you call me asap please. Many Thanks”

and here is her first comment after training with me...

“Hi, I had my first driving lesson this morning just wanted to say thank you for letting me learn with you. I've learnt more in an hour with you than I did with a load of lessons from my old driving instructor. Thank you so much.”

You only get what you pay for is as true today as when it was first said. I guarantee that you will enjoy your lesson and learn something or you do not pay for your lesson! How much money would these 2 customers have saved?


  • You will drive the car on your first 2 hr lesson
  • You will enjoy your lessons
  • You will learn something
  • I will be on time or let you know if I'm delayed
  • A full one or two hour lesson
  • No passengers or 'pick-ups' en route

What other Edinburgh driving school guarantees more?

Triple your Learning Time with a 2 Hour Lesson**

The Standard Hourly Rate is £28.00 (£31.00 for post test tuition, eg Motorway or Refresher Lessons), although I recommend taking a 2 hour lesson.

Contact me about booking your driving lesson

Mobile Payments via Paym

If you have a mobile banking app on your phone you can use it's 'Pay a Contact' facility to make payments to me. You will need to have my mobile phone number (07561 489103) stored as a contact in your phone. This saves you having to enter my bank details and avoids the risk of mistakes. When you send a payment your phone will confirm you are sending a payment to P Milligan. Some banks place daily limits on the amount you may send via this method but it is usually fine up to £250 per day. Please contact me to check my availability before paying or if you have any questions about this payment method.

**When you have any lesson, there will be a recap of your previous lesson, a chat about what we'll do today and a drive to a suitable training area. There is time for the new subject, possibly with a briefing and time for you to practice. Then there is a debrief, update of your driver record and a drive to your drop off location. By taking two hour lessons, there is only one beginning and end - so there is more time in the middle for the new subject, which means better value for money for you - triple the learning time compared to a 1 hour lesson!!

Great Savings for Block Bookings

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) says that on average it takes 45 hours of professional driving lessons plus 20 hours private practise to pass the practical test. Everyone learns at their own rate and previous experience may reduce these figures while some people may take longer to pass the test. Take advantage of the great savings for block booking lessons below.

To buy your block of lessons online, please contact me, and I will get in touch as soon as I am free to confirm the date and time of your lessons. Please remember you cannot start your lessons if you do not have a valid provisional driving licence.

If you cannot use a whole block of lessons, any lessons taken will be charged at the standard hourly rate and any refund based on the difference between the amount paid and the cost of hours taken at the standard hourly rate

Payments and Cancellations

  • Payments for lessons should generally be made at least 48 hours in advance; if payments are not received the lesson may be reallocated.
  • 48 hours notice of cancellations is required or you will still need to pay for the lesson
  • In the case of intensive courses, full payment is required at least two weeks in advance of the start of the course. 48 hours notice of cancellation is required for all lessons.